Integrated into Frameworks

Popular frameworks that integrate with Micrometer include Helidon, Micronaut, Quarkus, and Spring. You can use the idioms and configuration model native to your application framework to get started with Micrometer.

Instrumentation Provided

Out-of-the-box instrumentation is available in micrometer-core and in libraries. You do not need to write your own instrumentation for many common components.

Works in your Environment

Micrometer can directly publish to most backends for storing your observability data. You can use what you have or switch. Micrometer makes it easy. See below and the documentation for supported backends.

Dimensional Metrics

Vendor-neutral abstractions for timers, gauges, counters, distribution summaries, and long task timers are provided with a dimensional data model. You can publish to a backend that supports dimensional metrics for efficient access to named metrics where you can drill down across its dimensions.

Distributed Tracing

Micrometer Tracing is a facade over the Brave and OpenTelemetry tracers that gives insight into complex distributed systems at the level of an individual user request. Identify the root cause of issues faster with distributed tracing. Micrometer Tracing is the successor to the Spring Cloud Sleuth project.

Unified Observability

You can instrument with the Micrometer Observation API, a single abstraction that can produce metrics, tracing, logs and more. You can instrument once, get multiple benefits, and keep metadata consistent across your observability data.

Support for popular observability systems

As an instrumentation facade, Micrometer lets you instrument your code with a vendor-neutral interface and decide on the observability system as a last step. Instrumenting a library with Micrometer lets it be used in applications that ship data to different backends or even multiple backends at the same time.

Micrometer supports publishing metrics to AppOptics, Azure Monitor, Netflix Atlas, CloudWatch, Datadog, Dynatrace, Elastic, Ganglia, Graphite, Humio, Influx/Telegraf, JMX, KairosDB, New Relic, OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP), Prometheus, SignalFx, Google Stackdriver, StatsD, and Wavefront.

Through Micrometer Observation and Micrometer Tracing you can ship your spans via OpenZipkin Brave or OpenTelemetry tracers to different backends (e.g. OpenZipkin or Wavefront).